Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Guide To Finding Good Motor Bike Insurance

Insurance policies are a tricky thing, especially if like me you struggle with your finances. However if you own a motorbike, moped or scooter, this is a necessary evil and provides safety assurance in case something goes wrong. People who look for motor bike insurance tend to find it difficult to search for a policy that works for them or tailored to their needs. What most new motorists do not realise is that it is not about whether the policy suits you in terms of working around your needs, it is about finding the policy that will cover all of the necessary costs in case of an accident or emergency.

Motor bike insurance is designed to cover you financially, should there be a problem of an unexpected accident, damage to your bike, damage to the other party's vehicle, third party damage etc. As much as this may seem like something you may be able to do without, it is in fact just something you will have to grin and bear the brunt about, as it is more damaging to your finances if you are up against the people of the court!

Paying for medical expenses and other damages is just another way of saying goodbye to your money or watching your pennies fall out of your pocket. There is no excuse and not really any way round it. However, motor bike insurance in particular does become cheaper as you become more experienced on the bike. New riders will naturally be quoted a higher price due to their inexperience of being on the road and the fact that they will be more likely to be involved in an accident.

Insurance for motor bikes are possibly more expensive than normal car insurances, so you will need to take a deep breath in before you begin your searching. Insurance for this type of vehicle is different due to the higher premium rates you will have to pay. This is standard and practically every motor cyclist will know that that is the case, because it is higher at risk of causing an accident than a normal car would. It can be debated that it is due to the driver, however, motorbikes are faster and designed to be used at a much higher speed.

As a way of reducing the prospects of having to spend out thousands of pounds on damages, it is wise to opt towards a comprehensive package rather than just a third party damage as this will cover you for everything, which will include damage to your bike, theft, fire damage, third party damage and extra costs such as medical costs, repairs to yours and the other party's vehicle. This is the most expensive insurance policy, it may be worth the price if you own an expensive designer manufactured bike.

Other types of motor bike insurance includes third party only cover or third party, fire and theft cover, which is ideal for people looking to save some money or unable to afford a fully comprehensive insurance cover. The best way to find one that you can afford and are more likely to gain value for money is to do your research and compare insurance prices. Find a medium of what you are likely to pay and equate this to how this will affect you financially. If in doubt there are plenty of insurance policy forums to keep you happy and posted about new deals.

You can also approach insurance, however, you should be careful of extra costs involved so be clear on what you are going to pay for and what the costs will cover.