Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Twin-Trax: Harley Powered Dragster For The Street?

And now, from Germany, we have the TwinTrax. Two Harley-Davidson engines in a stretched chassis, belt drive, WP suspension components, dragster-like seating position and a dry weight of around 400 kilos. No word on performance (the official website does not offer any details) and we would rather have an XR1200 anyway, thanks very much.

We found the TwinTrax on Oliepeil.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ducati Hypermotard 110 Tidings

The supermoto sector was a ‘supernatural’ one for Ducati to enter until recently. Ducati has neither significant off-road heritage nor engines suitable for dirt bikes, but in the last few years supermotos have become both more powerful and hardnosed, moving the class towards Ducati to the point where the hardware and its sports bike heritage began to rhyme.

Designed by Pierre Terblanche, a concept version was shown in Milan 2005 and in response to an eager public; the Hypermotard is now a production reality. Worth mentioning is the fact that it wasn’t just the public which went bizarre, even the experts thought likewise as it bagged the ‘Best of Show’ at the same event.

It went into production and is now a bike which ‘thrills’ you with its solid credentials. It uses Ducati’s outstanding 1,100cc air-cooled motor. A theme is carried on in the chassis which in total gives the bike a 17 kg advantage. The 90-degree V-trim power unit’s design is pure Ducati right through, as are the tubular steel trellis frame, a single-sided swingarm and high specification running gear.